A Trip Down Memory Lane

Tomb of Horrors- That Tricky Lich

After a well earned rest the group was unsure how to continue. Only 2 options remained after the Portal of Nakedness, the Portal of Gender Reassignment, and worst of all the Portal of the Oubliette ( The most dangerous part of the dungeon so far). First they had the Demon’s Head with the dark shadowy mouth as large as a door, and the second was the still undetermined use of the collection slot in the chapel.

Not one to shirk away from all things dark and scary, the Avenger strode confidently into the Demon’s Mouth…where he did not return. After some quick thinking the warlock decided to create a portal connecting wherever the avenger might be with the room they were in. Unfortunately, creating a portal within a portal is rarely recommended. And the party came face to face with a crack in reality itself. Luckily the crack closed in upon itself before anything could escape. However, the force of a dimensional rift closing on itself nearly killed them all before returning the Avenger to them.

After another rest the group made their way to the chapel where they deposited the magic ring they had just found into the collection slot which slid open a secret passage. Despite some unhelpful advice from the warlock, the group navigated their way past 3 poison spike traps. somewhat successfully and found a secret door that led them down several flights of stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs they found him. Acererak! The lich creator of the Tomb of Horrors. Despite powerful magic and brutal attacks, the group finally defeated the dread master of Horror, claiming his treasure!

Or did they?



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