Located in a pocket dimension known as the Domain of Dread, Ravenloft exists in an alternate space-time, a collection of land pieces called domains drawn together by the mysterious Dark Powers. The motivations of the Dark Powers are often a mystery. They draw seemingly random individuals into the Mists from the vile and loathsome to the pure and devout, but many scholars agree that there is a purpose to each person who is chosen. For some it is to expose the depravity hidden within seemingly pure souls. For others The Dark Powers unleash a gruesome justice for past crimes. But for most The Domain of Dread serves as a grey limbo, where neither justice nor temptation can grasp a firm hold. To escape the Land of Mists is the dream of every creature in Ravenloft, yet is achievable by few.

The mists of Ravenloft can appear anywhere, but they seem to be drawn to people and places of great evil. Many is the adventurer who wandered into the mists, never to be seen again.

The greatest danger to those who live in the realms of Ravenloft is not death, but the seductive corrupting force of evil. It is all too easy for even the most noble and valiant to gradually become that which he has devoted his life to destroying. The Dark Powers keep a constant vigil over the actions of every living thing in Ravenloft . Whenever someone commits an evil deed, the shadowy gaze of the dark powers could possibly fall upon the wrong-doer.

Unholy acts depend on both the personal beliefs of the character and the beliefs of those around him. A character is expected to consistently uphold his own personal beliefs. Alternately, a character can also commit an unholy act by openly and maliciously violating the beliefs of those around him. A character who mocks an important may well offend more than the local townspeople.


Domain Lords

The Dark Powers

Important Groups


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