The stories of Dragonlance take place on the planet Krynn.

Krynn is the third planet in the Krynnspace solar system. Many different humanoids dwell on it’s surface. The gods of Krynnspace main focus is on this planet. It is the main chessboard of their games.

The world of Krynn was forged by Reorx, when he struck his hammer to the Anvil of Time, forcing Chaos to slow his cycle of destruction, during the Age of Starbirth. It is believed that five major continents exist on Krynn, though there are many islands and lesser land masses as well. Things that are of Krynn, such as people and places, are said to be Krynnish.

The majority of the campaign will take place on the continent of Ansalon. However the continent of Taladas and its history would be known to your characters.

Adventuring in Ansalon differs from any other setting. This is a high fantasy setting. A world of Good versus Evil and the triumph of heroism versus overwhelming odds. A world where the gods struck down their creations with a great cataclysm before abandoning them Hope, Honor, Loyalty, Courage, and Perseverance are the food and drink of adventuring in Ansalon, and only by working together can you overcome the forces of evil in the land.





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