Warlord Dank


Dank claims to hail from the lost dwarven city of Kal-Thax and possesses exceptional intelligence, bravery, and ambition for an Aghar. After surviving a near-drowning to retrieve a strange stone egg from the bottom of an underground lake, he and his kin are convinced that Dank has a great destiny to restore or found a dwarven kingdom.

He set out from his homeland (or may have just gotten lost) and fell in with a bunch of mercenaries. Through an unexpected chain of poor luck and accidents, Dank became leader of the Broken Tusk band and now styles himself Warlord. His group was swallowed by the Mists of Ravenloft several months ago and, after some initial success defending a village from a rampaging great boar, his company began to experience a strange pattern of disappearances and attrition. Dank’s remaining footsoldiers cleared out just two days ago, convinced that their captain was bad luck. Dank has always been a strong believer in his destiny but even he is starting to feel cursed.

Dank is a passionate collector of strange weaponry. In addition to his sturdy battleaxe, he sports a pair of throwing axes, a wicked looking bone knife, and a set of flindbars (nunchuks for gnolls). He has cobbled together a set of bronze plate mail with a spiked helmet, and a squared shield. His pack contains rope and grapple, a dried goat leg and wilting cabbage, a mysterious stone egg, a green wool blanket, and a flask of mead.

Warlord Dank

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