Goblin Thief turned kender handler


It started as just another raid for Snotrag. Big bully hobgoblin pushes around the boss, the boss push around everybody else. ’Course, FootBlister claimed this time she heard someone was pushing the hobgoblin to find this blue, glass rock staff. That made Snotrag happy. Hobgoblin deserved to be bullied after bullying their tribe. Though in the end the Purple Worm tribe was still doing all the work.

Which was how Snotrag ended up sneaking to the tiny campsite smelling of human and horse. Maybe if the raid went fast they would get to have roasted horse for supper, but he doubted it. Ever since the news came that Boss had been killed, FootBlister had been nervous. Who would be Boss now? Could be FootBlister. But did Snotrag’s mate want that? Dangerous job.

Distracted, Snotrag didn’t see the tiny line strung with bells around the camp. He tripped, bells ringing through the forest’s stillness. He loosed an arrow towards the humans right before a flash of light seared his eyes.

All around Snotrag heard the screams of his family, the howls of the wargs, and the crunch of breaking bone. Blinded, he tried to retreat to the woods, but his feet became more tangled in the cursed fishing line. He fell, unable to move. The woods had become silent.

He heard the tramping of boots as the humans approached and despite seeing spots his eyes cleared enough to see one of the pink skins going through FootBlister’s pockets. It casually picked up his beloved’s body and tossed her to the side. Snotrag began to sob.

He only dimly remembered the interrogation that followed. The threats of the terrifying gold human with the hourglass eyes, the kind words of the child they called a kender. He fully expected to join his beloved FootBlister and the rest of his family at any moment.

But they let him live. Not only did they let him live, but the kender have him clothing and eventually a knife. Perplexed, Snotrag pondered his existence. The life he knew was gone. His family dead. And who was to blame? The adventurers? Partially. But the true blame rested on the shoulders of the one who bullied the hobgoblin. Someone the adventurers might be able to defeat…Verminaard.

He would stay with them, fight with them, and help them because through them he would revenge himself upon the one who ordered his family to their deaths…and then? Well he would just have to live long enough to figure that out.


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