Mrik the Bloody

Dwarven Knight


Mrik the Bloody, Blade Knight of Solamnia, the only dwarf to be accepted into the Knights of Solamnia. On an oath sworn quest to prove his worthiness to be even considered for entry into the Knights of the Rose – find and then protect the bearer of the Blue Crystal Staff. The first part is complete. The part second is just begun.

It is not known exactly where, or when, Mrik was born. The dwarves who raised him as one of their own found him as a young boy, hunting with a pack of wolves. In the ensuing battle, he fought with the wolves, with the ferocity of a wolf,, managing to send a fully armed and armored dwarf to his ancestors before being taken. How he came to be raised by/living with those wolves is not known. He did not speak or understand any known language. Weak, sickly newborns have been known to left in the woods to meet their fate, but none of the local tribes have any recent history of having done so. But then again, wolves are known to range far and wide, and that particular pack was an unknown breed.

Mrik’s origins and status as a Blade Knight of Solamnia are not the only unusual things about the dwarf. Upon meeting Mrik, the first impression is that he is of a dwarven bloodline. The dwarven shortness, stoutness, beard and complexion are there, but upon closer examination, it is clear he is an axe head leaner and a hammer head taller than the average dwarf, as well as stronger, faster, and tougher. Beard and hair is a bright blood red (another part of the reason for his name). His skin has a light reddish tint. Not just the dwarven ruddy complexion, but more like a permanent sunburn. His eyes are what only may be described as flame red – not in red as in bloodshot, but red as in not blue or brown. If one were to look into those eyes, one would swear they could see the bloody fires of hell burning there – but it could have been just the tavern hearth fire reflected there (alcohol is known to warp perceptions). Past companions claim to have seen his eyes literally blaze during battle, but it could be just rumor, myth or legend. Only his opponents know for sure, and they are no longer able to speak (at least not without special help).

Does the Code of a Knight of the Sword (face evil w/out concern for personal suffering, never decline combat with an evil opponent, and never flee from combat regardless of enemy strength) totally explain Mrik’s fearless (some would say reckless) headlong attacks into the enemy? Does the Code drive him, or is the Code simply of a reflection of a deeper drive, like the fire in his eyes? Is he called the Bloody because of the results of those attacks or because he seems to have been permanently stained by the blood of his foes, much the same way dye stains cloth?

Mrik the Bloody

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