A Trip Down Memory Lane

(Dragons of Despair) Captains log.....(sorry I couldn't keep a straight face)

The misadventures of a Kender and his merrypeople

I know my stories were not that exciting, but apparently I put Raistlin to sleep. And he didn’t even teach me any of his spells. Ever since the we saw the destruction at Que Shu the ranger has been even more silent. Which is quite troubling there is so much in this world that we need to seek and find out about. Questions that need answering, answers that need questions.

As we travel through the great cavern on our way to Xak Tsaroth we find a cave. Snotrag gives me a big grin. After we tied on stone, scroll & dagger we decided to venture together ahead of the party. Which was rather strange everyone was unanimous in that decision. Snotrag and I got to know each other better. I think he understands me a little better. We took a lot away from him, yet he uses this as a way to seek his own future. He asked why I fill my pockets so quickly and why I easily part with them. Why cling to something that doesn’t even know you are there. All we have is each other. At that moment Snotrag looked up at me and asked me the time. I gave him a puzzling look that he should know better.

The cavern went on for what seemed miles, and we decided to wait for the rest of the party. It wasn’t until another hour that they showed up and after another debate we decided to press on. Soon our eyes had to adjust to sudden moonlight. Together we spot a campfire. We informed the party. Snotrag and I hid and were able to flank the draconians that were feasting on venison.

I did for a second feel a little bad about interrupting their dinner with a sling bullet in their throat, but seriously these guys are bad news. After I shot my first sling bullet the battle seemed to go awry. After each killing blow they turned to acid. One even started chanting, much to the surprise of Kvoth. When he heard the chanting he tried to rally to focus on the sorcerer, but he must of gotten wind….cause he vanished into thin air. Immediately Rosalind went into pursuit. She must have used up all her grace and balance, cause we heard a splash. Then we heard “IT!”

Then as it rose up from the water we saw the ghost. Some of us tried to reach Rosalind. I did all I could from where I was at. I grabbed a log from the fire and then apparently I got it’s attention. Oh Boy. I mean I like to talk and all, but I wasn’t expecting this type of audience. I mean I know you are supposed to practice in front of a mirror and rehearse… Ok seriously the thing is still there, it is rare that I am speechless. I blurt out “we mean you no harm, sorry for out disturbing you….sorry, please” I really need a better mirror to practice with.

The ghost broke away from Rosalind and confronted me in a raspy shrill voice “Choose one and I will free her”. I immediately knew what it was talking about. I couldn’t trade one for another, they all are special. Seriously Raistlin wake up, cause I feel like right now you are drawing the short straw. I couldn’t do that all straws are important no matter the size. I must of taken longer than I thought, cause Mrik had the answer for it, HAMMER to the FACE!

Now this all happened in a mere seconds and some at the same time. My friends who tried to rescue Rosalind also ended up in the swamp. Finally when the cleric surfaced the prayers were said and a beam of light was cast. The ghosts shrieked in terror and were no more. I think we were spent and could go on no more. But somehow we trekked on.

I felt funny. I found this ring, so obviously it should belong on my finger. One problem is that it wouldn’t come off. Maybe this is one of the few items that can show affection and cling to you. It didn’t bother at first, but during the battle I felt really unbalanced. Even when walking. As we were trying to head to some pillars we saw in the distance, I fell. Kvoth hoisted me onto his shoulders. That made me happy. I almost completely forgot how sick I felt.

As we carried on we saw a wicker dragon and in some talking could be heard. I approached the area moving quietly. Snotrag was no where to be seen, for some reason he was scared. It was just Mrik and I and we had a plan. I was going to report and Mrik was going to talk with them. I thought it was a great plan. The draconian hissed a few words in common that I could understand… something about “pay homage to the dragon….” Then that’s when he start mumbling and gurgling.

Mrik’s axe was in his throat… he has a strange way of conversations. I would of started out with a compliment, then followed with a satirical look on Krynn’s economy under a Godless …..oh we are under attack…. I fire my sling bullet from my hoopak and nail one right in the eye. And then the dragon beast turned to stone. I get frustrated cause I can’t loot statues.

Some of the party darted into the wicker dragon and then I heard a bellowing call the barbarian was screaming and raging “seriously how long does this wall last?!?!” Finally as she rounded the wall she came up behind the vanguard and was stopped by a blue dragon beast. She seemed to be huffing and puffing I’ve never seen anyone run so quickly before. She seemed startled, but she just yelled “Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” followed by an “ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHH” the blue dragon must have had weak ears, cause he seemed he was in daze, though it could of also been Kvoth casting his spells.

Kvoth turns and asks “Little kender, did you get off” If there is one thing I could cross of my bucket list was being asked slightly inappropriate questions during a battle. I answer him with a slight coy “yes” and proceeded to advance the attack. When the damage was done.

We were in agreement that lighting the wicker dragon would be a bad thing. As we approach the ruins we start to explore. The cleric pulls me away from the well. The well had no water, yet went deep down into a darkness. The cleric leads us to a golden door. We enter and in the common room a statue of Mishakel is there. He places the blue staff on her awaiting hands. The cleric speaks her name “Mishakel!”

The statue animates and speaks “Beloved disciples…” seriously this room is really cold " ….man turned away…"….you mean turned down the temperature “….end of darkness…” a hearth is not very expensive, its free most of time, well my time “…..return the truth…” is Raistlin still asleep “….return the balance” ooooh my ring can come off YES “….Truth of the Gods…” ohh I completely forgot she was talking “….recover the discs of Mishakel….” it is rude not to give anyone there full attention when speaking “….leave and find true leader.”

Did she say kender? True kender? I’m pretty sure that is a thing. In an instant we feel rejuvenated and we decide to camp here. I would say it was an unusual night & morning, but for us it was typical. I couldn’t sleep so I went to wonder. I found a savage kender, that totally does not even speak kender. I mean this little one has been through the ringer. But he is really great at picking doors. We hear screams and a battle when we awake. A dragon emerged from the well and a noble knight was battling him, though not successfully.

The dragon caused two of our friends to fall and it was hard dragging them back for cover. I didn’t even try to get Mrik out of there, I knew better. The dragon started to laugh and descended down back into the well. As we rested again and healed up we figured we were at Xak Tsaroth and as a group we started exploring. In one room we found a painting on the wall of Paladine and Takahsis fighting. In another room we found a clever mechanism that created some stairs leading down. We ventured down.

Snotrag and I went first and the ground that we were walking started to give way. There were gully dwarves everywhere. And we could hear the whips as they went across their back from the draconians. The second Mrik stepped onto the ground he informed the party that we had to lighten out load. We distributed our items for the weight and left some items back in the temple. Mrik and I starting marching with the gully dwarves. I could hear the curse words through his thick breath. The smell was quite pungent and sour.

As we got closer to the dragon beasts I drew a dagger and right in between the draconians armor I stuck him and he turned to stone. We looked around and found a knightly ghost guarding some tombs. “Are you the next watch?” Everyone seemed to be in bewilderment, but not Snotrag. That sly devil told him “Yup…. I got you covered bub” And the ghost vanished.

The rest of the party gathered up some nice loot. Seriously what were they going to use swords for anyway? We found a drainage pipe….and of course the knights Garcon and Gaitlin get separated from us. Apparently they didn’t get the word we all were turning to the right. I was worried for them. And it was getting quite late.

We roamed around and then we found a room of beautiful d├ęcor. In the room another apparition appeared, seriously what is with all these ghosts. “Ask me one question and I shall answer” I tug on Riastlin’s robes. Ask him about the knights, he pushes me away and starts to utter words that I don’t understand. Power, time, space, hold on we are in the here and now and the knights are missing, he seemed quite disinterested.

“Don’t you care about anyone??”

The apparition spoke “No….he doesn’t” and vanishes.

Now if you had eyeballs the shape of hourglasses, I would say Raistlins’ eyes went to about 17 hours in size. Some time passed as we walked on. “Hey guys where do you think these discs are…….ohhhhh I’m sorry I see what I did now.”

We enter the far door it was nicely kept, not like the others. Immediately a ghost appears staring at Riverwind. “So you finally arrive Kathal…are you ready to pay the tax” I cover my mouth quickly. I even close my eyes for a second. I’ve been known to speak with my eyes. Ok so I start to peak a bit. The ghost only seems to notice Riverwind, even though it doesn’t know his name. I start to scoot my boots over to the bar. Snotrag and I easily climb over and head over to the money bin. We grab some sacks and take them over to Riverwind. As I place the sack on the counter it rips. “THIEF!!!” the ghost calls out suddenly I’m surrounded. In a blink I feel tired and sore.

“Seriously lets get out of here! there is no reason to be here!!” Rosalind calls out. I start to crawl out slowly and we head back the way we came. We head towards rushing water and hear a splash. We see the two knights trying to swim, but making no progress. I took out some rope and started to make lasso and then I notice the wrinkles in my hands. We used the rope to fish out our friends. Raistlin looks at me with worried eyes.



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